A Familiar Fin: Buy A Copy to Support Sharks Worldwide

One long year ago, I wrote the initial manuscript for A Familiar Fin. After rounds and rounds of editing and revising, a fellow classmate of my high school drew beautiful illustrations to bring this book to life. I am now pleased to announce that A Familiar Fin is available on Amazon for individual purchase!

Each book bought supports Sharks4Kids, an important organization encouraging awareness and action for young children (all the profits from A Familiar Fin are donated to this organization!).

Click HERE to buy a copy for yourself, your children or your classroom! Enjoy, and always remember that in protecting the earth we protect ourselves.

Any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at alexandraedigiacomo@gmail.com


The Big Release: A Familiar Fin’s Fantastic Debut

First and foremost…happy World Oceans Day!

After a long but incredibly rewarding process of writing, editing, formatting and collaborating, I have released my children’s book, A Familiar FinTo celebrate World Oceans Day 2015, A Familiar Fin made its debut as I read aloud to a class of local Kindergarten students. As I flipped through the colorful pages, the children remained incredibly receptive to the tale.

Perhaps what amazed me most about my experience today was the kindergarteners’ reaction to the simple question, “what do you think about sharks?” I asked this question before reading my book, and immediately most of the hands in the room shot up. Expecting to get the classic “they eat people,” or “they’re mean,” responses, I was thrilled to find that many of the children actually had positive comments about sharks. Whether remarking on their color, size or general ‘cool’-ness, the kindergarteners seemed to hold a somewhat untainted fascination with sharks. I feel so lucky to have shared my message with such open and curious minds today.

A Familiar Fin will become available for purchase by the public on Amazon by June 14th, so stay on the look out! A direct link will be posted to my website and blog. Remember, all profits go to Sharks4Kids, a wonderful organization working towards goals very similar to mine!

The Big Release: Publishing A Children’s Book Start to Finish

After a year of planning, writing, and editing, I have come to the final stage of my children’s book. Titled A Familiar Fin, this book follows a young boy, Daniel, through his experience with a juvenile great white shark. With Daniel’s example, I hope to encourage children to have a greater respect for the ocean.

On Monday, June 8th, I will be going into the local elementary school for my official release event. As an early reader, I used to read books to my Kindergarten class on the carpet. Now, I am hoping to return to this tradition and give back to the community that fostered me as a youngster. Monday, I will be presenting the book to a Kindergarten classroom and engaging the children in the making of shark tooth necklaces (fake, of course!).

A link to order A Familiar Fin will be posted on my website, http://www.savingsharksforsaferseas.comand here on my blog as of Monday! If you’re interested in buying a copy for yourself or your classroom, there will be a link to purchase easily through Amazon. All the profits will be donated to Sharks 4 Kids, a wonderful organization promoting shark conservation in a similar way!

Stay tuned, and be sure to check back on Monday to order a copy!