What Sharks Can Do for You

The question I ask you to explore is not only what you can do for sharks, but also what sharks can do for you. Why do we seek to understand secrets about shark behavior and biology? Besides the fact that sharks are extraordinary and intriguing creatures, for what benefit would we spend thousands of dollars to research sharks?

A recent study from phys.org indicates that shark research may give us direct insight into solving some of our land-based world’s most pressing problems.

“New insights into how the neck vertebrae of elephant sharks naturally become fused could help researchers to understand how neck development can go wrong in people affected by disease,” specifically Klippel-Feil syndrome. Scientists hope to learn more about the biological workings behind the fusing of neck vertebrae in sharks. Understanding how this occurs normally may allow scientists to better understand how neck development can go wrong for people affected by this disease.

Shark biology clearly serves as one of many pathways for us to learn to solve important human problems . Catch me at a Ridgefield Elementary School next week as the featured author of their fall book fair! I will be signing and reading books all morning.