About Me

I’m a sixteen year-old girl who has a peculiar fascination with sharks. I became intrigued by the marine world upon hearing Dr. Sylvia Earle speak at the Norwalk Aquarium in 2012. After my freshman year, I went to Belize to study marine conservation at the Oceanic Research center. Here, I worked with a classmate to create a documentary-style video stressing the ecological and economical importance of the Mesoamerican reef and urged the need for greater protection. In Belize, I also met and personally interviewed Dr. Sylvia Earle, whose comments contributed to the creation of the documentary. This past summer I traveled to Fiji for one month to study shark biology, where I dove with bull sharks almost every day. I participated in rigorous coursework, creating my own research project and participating in ongoing conservation efforts! I have also taught shark biology at Quogue Wildlife Refuge of Long Island for two summers to kindergarten students. As an avid shark conservationist, I am writing a children’s book in hopes of instilling a greater respect and better understanding of sharks in young children.

Feel free to contact me at alexandraedigiacomo@gmail.com


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